With the rapidly increasing production and sales in concert-DVD's, live recording and mixing for 5.1 audio is highly in demand. Bauman Audio Media has over the past 5 years gained thorough experience in producing this exciting new presentation form. Whether it comes to an outdoor rock concert with 20 000 screaming fans or a club gig, Bauman Audio Media have the tools and knowledge to capture the magic of the moment. Instead of using a costly mobile recording bus, Bauman Audio Media relies on compact, digital, state of the art solutions available today. This makes it possible to record almost anywhere, anytime at a reasonable cost.

Mixing to picture for 5.1 and/or stereo and possible "touch-ups" are of course made at BAM Recording Studio for a quick, trouble free and cost effective production.

For full production solutions including audio, picture and post services, Bauman Audio Media is a partner of newly founded Speed Sled Films, a production company for concert-DVD's, music videos, music documentaries and EPK's. At Speed Sled, Bauman Audio Media of course handles all audio recording and production.

Hellacopters recorded at the Azkena Rock Festival, Vittoria, Spain 2003

Sissel captured at the fantastic Dalhalla in the summer of 2005

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