Chris Cornell - What a voice, and what a nice guy!

My Space - Me,myself and I on a little more personal side

Speed Sled Films - The place to go if you're thinking of making a DVD

Independent Studios - My neighbours and collaborators from time to time

House of Shakira - Great band, great guys. Smells like the 80's!

Trouble - Classic Chicago band I've had the pleasure of working with.

Candlemass - What can you say? The Kings of Doom!

Eagle-Eye Cherry - The perfect mix between Sweden and the US?

Freak Kitchen - If you haven't heard Mattias play, you haven't heard anything!

Sissel - Very nice with a fantastic voice and that scandinavian, melancolic sound

Peter Lundblad - Look up pop in a swedish dictionary and there's a picture of Peter. Great guitarplayer and singer, and a very nice guy.

The Hellacopters - The 'Copters are all rock'n roll.

Lion Music - Record company from Åland with a lot of interesting artists.

Escapi Music - Crazy Frank and the gang. Watch your phone bill!

O-Baren - My second home. Pay Nicke & Lorre a visit. You'll love it!

Ronny Bernström - If you need a livetech, call Rompa!

Chris Laney - Producer of Crash Diet and others, and a returning client @ Bauman

ILT - Swedish distributor of the great HK Audio pro audio stuff and more

Fusion Design - Art direction and graphic design for print and web

Västerort Musik - Hasse runs a great local music store in the western suburbs. Check it out!


Stenhuggarvägen 7, 132 38 Saltsjö-Boo, Sweden, ph: +46-8-24 96 99,